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July 23rd, 2003

06:29 pm: ::pulls out her journal, ink, and quill, and begins to write about tonight's events::

Dear journal,

Harry and I have agreed that we would just be friends. We agreed that a long time ago. We've had a great relationship so far. We're friends, with some benefits, and nothing has gone wrong - until tonight. Tonight, I danced with Harry, and we ended up under some mistletoe. So, we kissed... twice. Those were great, except for one thing - all my feelings for him came back. I couldn't take my eyes off of his, I didn't want to part with him, all of those feelings that I had before we broke up. I'm so confused. I mean, I don't even know how he feels back. What if he doesn't like me like that? Then what? You know - I'm probably just going to forget about it (or at least try), and move on. I mean, there are plenty of guys at this school.
::grins:: I have to stop thinking about this. I can't help myself, or Cassara Professor Morgan, in the male department if I'm feeling like this for Harry. I have to stop.


::thinks to herself:: What if I don't want to stop? ::sighs, puts away everything and curls up in bed::

Current Mood: confusedconfused

July 13th, 2003

12:45 pm: ::in the common room after taking her nap::
There is nothing to bloody do in this place! I'm so bored without Harry and Ron, Fred and George, Nat's here... somewhere. Nah, I don't feel like looking for her.

::takes out her journal and charms it open::

Dear Journal,

Bored. The one word that can describe how I feel right now. I'm so bloody bored! I'm a little angry too, and sad now that I think about it. I still can't believe Natalie decided to paint a dog on that damn wall. What the bloody hell is wrong with her?! Then again, I can't blame her. I mean, she doesn't know about Sirius. I wonder how Lupin feels about it right now. I'm sure he's not very happy about it.

::charms her journal closed and goes to look for something to do::

July 4th, 2003

11:45 am: ::writing in her journal on her bed::
Dean's still not here, but neither are a lot of other people. I miss him - a lot. I feel sort of guilty though. I don't think I miss him as much as I should. ::shrugs it off::

I still can't find Ron or Harry. Quite frankly, it's really... slow, I guess the word can be for it, around here. There's, like, nothing to do. I think I'll send an owl to Dean.

::closes her journal and goes to take out some parchment but realizes that she doesn't have anymore:: Since summer term hasn't started yet, I can probably go down to Hogsmeade, wouldn't I? ::shrugs at this too, and goes anyway::

June 27th, 2003

06:08 pm: ::in the library::
There is absolutely nothing to write in this. Nothing interesting is happening. Dean's at home for the time being. He'll be back for summer courses of couse, but it's not soon enough. I'm still really bored here. Natalie's who knows where, Hermione's at home, Ron and Harry -- who cares what their doing. They're always off doing their own thing. I'M SO BORED!!!!

::closes journal, puts her head down half waiting for someone to talk to her::

Current Mood: boredbored

June 17th, 2003

08:22 pm: ::sitting in an empty Great Hall writing in her journal::
I like Dean. I really do. I just don't know if this relationship is going to last. I mean, he's sweet an all. I just don't think he's my type. He's no Harry or Michael. He's differnt than that. He's sweet and caring which is the complete opposite of the other two.

::hears people entering the Great Hall, closes her journal and looks over to see who's coming. It's Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry sits next to her:: I don't think he realizes that I'm over him. ::has the urge to shake her head at Harry::

Current Mood: confusedconfused
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